‘Connections Through Music’ is an approach that enables parents, care givers and professionals working in the field of autism to become intuitive music-makers. It was created out of a mother- child connection that surpassed conventional language and as a result, a unique musical unity was formed.

You need no former musical training or ability as the CTM™ approach is accessible to all.

Our Journey


As a mother I spent many years trying to find ways to communicate with my ‘classically autistic’ non-verbal son. It wasn’t until Kyle started to show an interest in music that I could see a possible way into his world. The transformational effects of music therapy opened the doorway, and now by developing my own inner musical intuition and improvisational skills, Kyle and I are able to share a conscious space where we continue our conversations through connecting with music.

Our Approach


The CTM™ Approach is a combination of musical improvisation, music as therapy and musical mindfulness. We use a range of pre-tuned pentatonic instruments which means there are no wrong notes and whatever we play it always sounds pleasing to the ear. The Pentatonic musical scale dates back to ancient times and still remains fundamental to music today. Some even say that pentatonic music is pre-installed in us before we were born.


What the CTM™ approach helps with

  • Unlocks avenues of communication
  • Helps with hypo and hyper-sensitivity
  • Assists with memory recall, learning and focusing skills
  • Builds trusting relationships & bonds
  • Provides an outlet for creative and imaginative play
  • Opens up inner potential and ability

Our CTM™ services include


‘We are all music-makers’

This program is for parents, care givers, teaching assistants and professionals working in the field of autism and other related disorders. We will be exploring the CTM™ approach through developing the five alternate senses, exploring musical forms through imaginative, spontaneous and creative engagement and learn how to build an intuitive multi-sensory musical toolkit.


One-to-one Person centred Mother&Child

One to one mother & child sessions, this is when ‘When the parent becomes the practitioner’ and learns how to build a musical dialogue with their child/children through the art of musical intuition.


‘Finding the muse within you’

This program is aimed for children and Social Groups who find conventional communication difficult and who are challenged by sensory processing issues. In this workshop participants will become acquainted with pentatonic music and will explore their creativity and musical character by connecting with their muse within.

Contact Us

If you’d like to get in touch with us, email us on info@connectionsthroughmusic.co.uk or phone us on 01736 756 811